Be part of something that encourages and inspires YOU! 

Feeling stuck?

You know you want something to change…but,

You don’t know what change you want…or,

You don’t know how to create it!

Together, we are creating the changes we want - 

will you join us?

As a mum, I know how lonely you can feel sometimes.

You're the cheerleader for so many other people....

You're supporting your husband or partner...

You're cheering on the kids...

You're the shoulder for other friends to cry on....

You're the reliable colleague at work....


You're the hardworking business owner

But, who's there to cheer you on?

Who's there to encourage you when you're facing a challenge?

The more I speak to mums about this, the more I realise it's a common thing for us all!

So, I decided to do something about it

I created my Inspired Mums Movement.

A membership community of mums who want to cheer each other on.

Mums who will inspire and encourage you.

This is NOT a mums gossip group!

We are not here to moan and whinge about the hand we've been dealt

(I'm sure there are groups for that, if that's what you're looking for, but this is not it!)

This is a community of Inspired Mums!

A community of mums who want change and are willing to make it happen!

Mums who want to break the 'Eat Sleep Mum Repeat' cycle....

Mums who want to;

Get Unstuck!

Get Connected!


Get Inspired!

We are an Inspired Mums Movement – and we invite you to join us

Here, you will benefit from a membership that provides;

- access to live, monthly, group sessions, with

- a monthly empowerment theme

- support and encouragement from like-minded mums

- Inspiration to help YOU empower YOU!

Giving you the opportunity to;

- invest time in you

- work on creating the change you want

- learn from others

- rediscover how to dream

- share ideas with other Inspired Mums

- 'Buddy Up' for accountability


- access to a whole load of fab resources in Your Empowerment Membership Portal

Your monthly sessions run on the
Second Wednesday of each month
@ 7.45pm
for one hour

Next session is Wednesday 13th July 2022

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