A bit about me! 

Hi, I'm Karolyn Gamble, and I am no expert!

Yes, that is the opening line to my introduction!

I am no expert

And I make no secret about that!

In fact I say it proudly

I am not a doctor, a scientist or a specialist in any particular field or with any fancy qualifications.

I am not aiming to preach or tell you ‘I know better’ about anything…..

Let me tell you what I am though…..

I am a mum!

I am a wife!

I am a business owner!

I am a friend!

I am the founder of Eat Sleep Mum Repeat!

And I am someone who is trying my absolute best to be the best I can be!

Do I get it right all of the time - absolutely not!

Do I keep trying anyway - absolutely, yes!


Because I am very passionate about learning, maintaining a growth mindset and improving as a person, as a mum, as a wife, as a friend and as a business owner.

And I am driven by a massive desire to want to set the absolute best example to my daughter

To show her that she has endless potential to be whoever and whatever she wants to be…..

I want her to know she can dream and that she is capable of achieving those dreams

But, I am no expert!

I consider myself to be a perpetual amateur - passionate yes - but an amateur nonetheless!

I am a sponge for information - I love learning from other people

Which has helped me achieve a lot of things I’m very proud of…..

And I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences with you!


Because, I’ve learned that we all need the support of others to survive, as well as thrive!

None of us is an island

We cannot do this thing called life all on our own

(well, we can try but it’ll be a tough and lonely journey!)

The way we help each other to thrive is through sharing our stories and experiences.

This helps us all know how to do things better - as well as what not to do!

It helps us to realise we are not alone in how we feel and think and in the challenges we face!



Why I want to support YOU!

Reason #1: 
Because WHO you are Matters!
Reason #2: 
Because HOW you are matters
Reason #3: 
Because YOU Matter!


To help mums get unstuck from that place where they feel so consumed by the role of mum that they’re not sure who they are outside of that role…..

Why am I on that mission?

Because I’ve been there…..

….it’s a scary and lonely place!

I’ve felt stuck and unsure of who I am

And the worst part was, I didn’t know who to turn to!

I felt so selfish, guilty and unsure about how I was feeling that I kept it to myself.

I let it bubble away inside until it started to cause problems in my most important relationships and in our home life.

Luckily, I found a way out of that place and now my mission is to help other mums who feel stuck, like I did….

I’m not saying I’ve got this all figured out yet - I definitely haven’t!

But, I found a good place to start and that continues to help me as I continue on my journey through life

So I share my discoveries with you to help you get unstuck…

To help you know that you can move forward and reclaim or redefine your identity

And to know that your family will thrive, not suffer, as a result!

Being a mum is the best, most privileged job in the world, it truly is…

But, you are more than just a mum

You are not selfish for wanting more for yourself!

Trust me - the more you allow yourself to be fully you outside of being mum, the more your family will benefit from that.

I am on this journey and I’m not looking back

Allow yourself to go on the journey too - you don’t have to stay stuck!


This week's inspiration (musings)


Success is not the way to happiness....

Happiness is the way to success!

So, the question is then....

How do we get happy!?

You can find new content on my blog every day

This includes;

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> book recommendations - book's I've read personally that I recommend


> me sharing my thoughts, discoveries and musings with you!

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